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Wix Academy Loves Books

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

We know that books are still an excellent source of knowledge and learning. Books are an important factor in personal growth and an endless source of interesting conversation starters - hence the creation of the very popular site: https://wixbooks.com.

Why is Wix Academy promoting book clubs?

There have been many attempts at making book clubs internally on various Wix Slack channels in the past, so we'll skip trying to make another one.

As we see it, book readers don't need external motivation to read more books.

What we really need are solid book recommendations.

A great Wix book group recommendation!

Together with a couple of our fellow book loving friends from #wixstores-rnd,

Aviv Rosental & Nir Orman, started a new book readers club up on Goodreads.com called WixBooks Reader Group.

Goodreads.com is a wonderful platform that enables you to track both your own and your friends’ reading habits. You can also create your own personalized reading list along with a rich collection of book recommendations...and much more!

So what’s next?!

Come join our book readers club and get ready to take on your next reading challenge!

Join us on Goodreads and share your book recommendations!

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