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Lab of the Week - Stylable

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

It’s a Local Interactive learning lab about the basics of Stylable. Wix Academy in collaboration with Core3 are working on a very promising concept we like to call “Local Interactive learning lab” WHAT'S A LOCAL INTERACTIVE LEARNING LAB? It's a program built to help you with your learning exercises. We created a learning activity for styling React components called Learn Stylable Basics. You work directly in your editor on your local environment. As you're making code changes, you will see them in real time in the staging area. All you need to do is work on your exercises and the Lab will run in the background in order to validate your code. If you make a mistake it will display on the right side of your screen in red and give you instant feedback and suggestions to fix your code and complete the Stylable assignment. Valid results will be displayed in green. Here is a short gif to show the Lab in action:

You can play with the Stylable course on GitHub:


We are currently working to integrate the test run results with the GitHub Lab system using GitHub Actions & status checks. See the work in progress on this branch. Check out the attached demos (video below + short gif above) for more information. Next time we'll show you how we integrated the tests with GitHub Lab!