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React Real-Time Messaging with GraphQL using urql and OneGraph

One of the most well-known GraphQL features is that it lets you do things like replacing multiple REST calls with a single query. You might have done some query experimentation with demo APIs or working on a Gatsby site.

But there's more to GraphQL than just making queries.

For example, with mutations and subscriptions, GraphQL can smooth out the process of implementing real-time features in your web applications.

In this new course, you'll get practice with these features as egghead's own Ian Jones guides you through building a real-time chat app that's backed by GitHub Issues.

The tools used for the course are OneGraph and Formidable Labs' urql client.

OneGraph is great because it allows you to expose a single GraphQL endpoint that can access data from multiple services including GitHub, Stripe, Airtable, and more. It handles things like authentication for us as well, as you'll see in the course.

At Formidable Labs, the team released urql as a lighter weight alternative to Apollo or Relay that supports the most common interactions with a GraphQL server through their handy React Hooks.

The course starts with a fresh Create-React-App and touches upon topics like using GraphQL query variables, working with Hooks, handling authentication with React Context, and setting up & consuming the GraphQL subscription.

Along the way, Ian also works through debugging some common errors that you may encounter when developing your own GraphQL apps in the future!

What you'll learn:

  • GraphQL endpoint configuration in OneGraph

  • Using urql for GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions

  • Debugging network requests

  • Managing authentication with React Context

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