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You're invited! Join internal Wix Engineering learning events.

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Vilius Lukosius & Gediminas Krisceliunas

Search Meets Nile - When Whole is More Than Sum of its Parts

Infra & Server

Yoav Abrahami

My Side Project - Why? What? Who?

AI & Open Source

Aviva Peisach

Troubleshooting - From Art to Science to Automation

Infra & Server

Gal Sharir

Designing Systems with Event Storming

Infra & Server

Assaf Elovic & Mykhailo Ulianchenko

How We’re Leveraging Generative AI to Build the Ultimate AI Chatbot

AI & Open Source

Gonen Jerbi & Guy Ofeck

Exposing all of Wix APIs via GraphQL


[ Wix Engineering

 Conference Talks]

Wix Engineering Conference is our annual event, bringing together all of Wix developers for a full

day of technical knowledge, learning and growth.

Enhance your skills by finding and scheduling a 1:1 session with a Wix expert who can elevate your abilities and provide you with tools for success across different professional domains

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Become a public speaker
Conference speaking boosts careers, showcasing expertise, connecting professionals, and enhancing online presence. Our services cover planning, CFP writing, branding, slides, and speaking skills for your journey.
Increase your online presence
Showcase your expertise, grow your network, and boost your career. Join our session to jumpstart your journey from goal-setting to content creation, social media utilization, and idea dissemination in the community.
Become an SME 

Ever thought about sharing your tech know-how? Become a Wix Subject Matter Expert (SME) and help us shape the future of our company. Join us to transform your knowledge into impactful courses and workshops

Become an expert
Soon, we will launch a marketplace specifically designed for Wix engineers, enabling them to find ideal experts for professional guidance and career advice. If you believe you're a good fit, join our experts pool.
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