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Advanced SQL for Professional Developers

You've got some practice with using SQL to select, update, and join database tables.

But perhaps you've found yourself with a sneaking suspicion that you could be more efficient with your PostgreSQL.

Does your query seem slow?

A lesson on how to profile queries will point you in the direction of a fix.

Are you performing multi-step operations one at a time that are susceptible to errors?

The "all or nothing" transaction is the cure.

These are just a couple of examples of the techniques, tips, and tricks that Tyler Clark has learned in his years of experience working on large scale production applications.

Other topics in this course include working with CSV files, different techniques for aggregating & filtering, and more!

Watch Tyler's course, and continue your journey toward SQL mastery.

What you'll learn:

  • CSV import & export

  • Creating custom types

  • Query Performance

  • Transactions

  • Pattern matching & regex

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