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Build a News App with React Native, GraphQL and TypeScript

Updated: Sep 13

When you're developing a React Native app, it's easy to forget the different ways and conditions your users can be experiencing it.

For instance, what happens when there's no internet connection?

If you haven't asked yourself this then the answer is... absolutely nothing 😭

When your users click around, they'll be stopped in their tracks by spinners and loading pages. They aren't receiving any errors so they sit there, waiting...

Until they close and delete your app to never open it again because it's broken.

But your app isn't broken, you just need to have a plan for when the internet goes down.

It's not just that the network connection is on or off— there are actually three levels of offline support:

Only show errors when offline

  • Read-only offline support

  • Sync-later offline support

Before starting this course, please read the full info and installations

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