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Learn the Fundamentals of Node.js for Beginners

Understanding Node.js can have a significant positive impact on your career as a Javascript developer. Knowing how it works, how it scales, and how to interact with it can save you time, headaches and delays going to production which can put you well ahead of your competition. Understanding node.js can help you architect applications that are built to work with node's features and capabilities.

Key Goals:

  • Understand the built-in features of node and how they operate

  • Learn to architect applications in such a way that allows your app to scale

  • Leverage tools and packages created by others to rapidly grow your applications features and capabilities

  • Comprehend nodes’ built-in modules for communication and how to use those to extend your application interface

  • Use debugging tools to identify and resolve errors in your code Implement best-practice TDD and BDD principles to ensure your code is scalable, maintainable, and reproducible

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